In order to preserve the future of opera, we believe that it is essential to begin from the ground up. We offer packages for schools and community programs designed specifically for kids that are not only educational but also entertaining  and interactive. We use our immersive theme to engage children so that they will both learn about opera and participate in the experience.

Along with building the next generation of opera lovers, we want to help and encourage the next generation of opera singers. ARE Youth is a program designed for high school juniors and seniors as they prepare for college auditions. The program will take place twice a year, fall weekend sessions and a summer 3-week course. Each workshop will culminate with a final performance showcasing the skills they have gained. 

ARE Singers

The best way to support our young singers is to provide them with the opportunity to exercise their performing skills. ARE Opera will always seek to hire young talented singers needing the right opportunity to further their career. 

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