Meet ARE Staff

Megan Gillis
Co-Executive Director
Kathleen Spencer
Co-Executive Director
Jonathan Heaney
Music Director
Jessica Harika
Artistic Director

Andrew Sun

Staff Coach/Chorus Master

Alanna Fraize

Resident Artist

About ARE Opera

ARE Opera is a New York based opera company dedicated to producing shows that are Accessible, Relatable and Enjoyable for all people. We aim to create immersive, interactive experiences that blur the line between performer and audience member and invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience opera. 


ARE Opera creates an environment in which audience members are continuously interacting within the world of the story. The moment an audience member steps foot into our "world" they are invited to be a part of the action. The nature of the opera stays the same; All of our shows are musically and stylistically accurate. The difference is that the characters will be "living" around the audience in the performance space and audience members are encouraged to approach characters to ask questions and explore their motives and backstory. Not into talking? That's OK! Shows can be as interactive as you want them to be. We have auxiliary characters added to each show to help guide the audience through the material in an entertaining and informative way. 


We want to teach people how to enjoy opera. By allowing them to explore another world and approach what can sometimes be deemed a "stuffy" art-form with a more hands-on experience, we guide audiences through opera instead of merely allowing them to watch the action unfold. This grants the opportunity for audience members to not only learn more about opera but also break down some of the common stereotypes associated with it.  We want every one of our guests, no matter if they are a seasoned opera goer or experiencing opera for the first time, to experience the beauty of this art form in a welcoming and engaging environment. 

Be a part of the ARE Opera magic!

If you have a passion for spreading the beauty of music with all people find out how you can contribute below. 

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